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Creative Writing Culture, Academia, Publishing, and the Writing Life
A Hunger Artist
A Room of One’s Own is Not a Requirement
A Tale of Two Cities (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Creative Writing)
Acts of Defiance
Art is Your Right
By an Inner Sky I Chart My Way
Disappear Here
Dominance and Submissions
Etiquette When Working with Creative People
Freelancing Ain’t All Wine and Roses
Heartbreak Hotel in Three Slow Verses
How to be Good
How to Live as a Creative Writer
If the Roof is on Fire, Just Keep Writing
In Praise of the Weird & Unprofitable
Invoking the Muse
It Never Ends
Magazine Rejections and Learning to Love the Hate (on Splice Today)
Navigating Literary Siberia (on Splice Today)
Of Trouble, Money, and the So-called Writing Life
On Envying Other Writers
On Forgetting One’s Humanity
On Hustling in the Wrong Profession
On Knowing if You’re Any Good
On Productivity and Publishing
On Taking One’s Lumps: Reading and Writing in the Here and Now
On the Creation of Time
One Job
Preponderance of the Small
Problems and Solutions
Problems and Solutions, Part 2: This is Why You Fail
STEM, Scientism, and the Decline of the Humanities (on Splice Today)
Surviving Graduate School in the Humanities: Should You Go and What if You Do?
The Ancient Art of Writing for Money
The Discipline: In Your Head, Off the Street, and Away From the Club
The Fundamental Strangeness of Life
The Genius of Imitation
The Inner Work of Being a Writer
The Joy of Teaching the Research Paper, Part 3: Into the Library

The Joy of Teaching the Research Paper, Part 4: Granting Extensions
The MFA Distortion Field (yes, Dottie, and not just in Iowa)
The New Puritanism Isn’t Without Precedent
The Peanut Gallery: Purveyors of Fine Hatred Since 1880
The Stars Our Destination
The Voice in the Fire
The Writing Life Ain’t Easy, Kid
Though Bennu Birds Might Rise and Fall
True Confession
You Do What You Are

Life and Death
3 Thoughts for the Day…
A Meditation on the Inevitability of Death
A Hunger Artist
All Hail the Tooth Fairy: Reasonability and Beliefs in Times of Rapid Change
All Tomorrow’s Lockdowns (on Splice Today)
Attacked on the Street (on Splice Today)
Darkness Visible
Everywhere Under Your Feet
Holding a Cup and Overfilling It
Housemates on Krypton, Part 2
It’s Hard to Be a Genius
Life vs. Death (or How I Keep Going)
Machines Can’t Teach Us To Be Human (on Splice Today)
Nobody Knows It But Me
Of Atonement and Troth
On Passing Judgment
Ride or Be Dragged
Surpassing Meritocracy: the Artist’s Way
The Chaos Makes Sense
The Heat Death of a Wandering Star
The Introspective Ferret’s Guide to Parties
The Lost Art of Avoiding Office Romances
The Portrait, the Authentic Self, and Freedom
The Professional and the Superior Man
The Replacements
This Mad Dance
Where is My Mind?
Workaholism and Learning How to Relax
You Might Live to be 100

Personal Experiences, Creative Non-Fiction Pieces, and Site Announcements
A Side Dish Best Served Cold
Another Year Over
Cognitive Bric-a-Brac
Disillusionment, Exhaustion, and Intolerance
Everything’s Far Away
Form and Void
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Horror at 2½ Feet
Hotel Paradise
Hurricane Dreams
Japanese By Spring
Law School and Self-Worth
Looking Forward
Moving Forward, Cutting Loose
On Being Off: A Disquisition on the Failure of Everything
Paying it Backwards
Pornographic Nocturne
Reyn til Runa: Seek the Mysteries
State of the Union
The Art of Extraction
The Hounds of the Grass
The Library Might Burn
The Story of My Inner Critic
Up All Night
Weirdo: Visions of Future Past
What am I working on?
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn Pro…

Reviews, Commentary, Politics, and Culture
A Partisan Pandemic (on Splice Today)
Altered Carbon’s Love Affair with Central Casting (on Splice Today)
As the Leopard, So the Coliseum (on Splice Today)
Backwoods Hobbit Love (and You)
Biden’s Obsession with Optics
Blame the Drugs
Burning Down the House (on Splice Today)
Carl Sagan and the Dalai Lama Talk About the Universe
Compulsory Education Might Be a Necessary Evil (on Splice Today)
Convicting Kyle Rittenhouse Shouldn’t Be Easy (on Splice Today)
Costumes of the Moment (on Splice Today).
Cui Bono: The Latest Conspiracy Theory in the Ongoing Disintegration of the GOP (on Splice Today)
David Brooks Has Become a Sadomasochistic Performance Artist (on Splice Today)
Fatal Vision: The Precipitous Exile of James Comey (on Splice Today)
Following the Science in Leaps and Bounds
Furtive Doctrinaire Urges while Listening to the Metal of my Youth
Garlic and Bitters, a Review of the Old Guard (on Splice Today)
Healing and Rage Don’t Mix (on Splice Today)
Hidden in Plain Sight: identifying and exposing secrets in times of national insecurity
Honestly, What Do Liberals Expect?
How Does America Recover From This? (on Splice Today)
How Real are the Culture Wars?
How to be Good
I Just Had to Let It Go

Inverview with the Vampire Reconsidered
Into the Badlands Loses Its Way (on Splice Today)
Jeffrey Epstein and the Usual Media Hate Porn (on Splice Today)
Jonathan Franzen Can’t Solve Climate Change for Anyone Who Matters (on Splice Today)
Late-Night Thoughts on the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis…
Letting Go of Game of Thrones (on Splice Today)
Maybe You Can’t Handle the Truth
Mob Justice for Jeffrey Epstein (on Splice Today)
Money is Thicker Than Blood (on Splice Today)
More Than Just a Familiar Formula (a review of Netflix’s Mute on Splice Today)
My Friend Has Gone Nazi (on Splice Today)
Nightmare Rush
Not Everybody Can Be a Cheerleader (on Splice Today)
Ok Boomer
Outrage is Over (on Splice Today)
Planespotting and the Persistence of Facts (on Splice Today)
Racist Parents Beget Racist Kids (on Splice Today)
Rara Avis
Reading the News with a Gelid Eye
Realpolitik and Kittens
Review: a few belated thoughts on Game of Thrones, Season 5 (with many spoilers)
Rhetorical Edgelordism and the Summary Dismissal
RIP Elmore Leonard
Sater, Cohen, and the Collapsing House of Cards (on Splice Today)
Speak of the Devil (on Splice Today)
Seeing the Cranes: Double Dickage, the Dragon Tower, and Felicia Day
The Crying of Lot 45 (on Splice Today)
The Debate Did Not Take Place (on Splice Today)
The End of the Hustle (on Splice Today)
The Good Hustle
The Illusion of American Deterioration (on Splice Today)
The New York Times is Rotting at the Seams (on Splice Today)
The New Puritanism Isn’t Without Precedent
The NRA Isn’t the Problem (on Splice Today)
The Precession of Symbols: Nocturnal Dance Steps, Speculation, and a Fish in the Moon
The Right Has Its Messiah. The Left Will Never Find Theirs. (on Splice Today)
The State of Emergency (on Splice Today)
The Witch!
Thoughts on Sally Yates
Tiredness, Truth, and Mockery: the American Way
Trump Impeachment Syndrome and the Uses of Political Theater (on Splice Today)
Trump is Interesting Again (on Splice Today)
Underworld: a Lockdown Re-screening 17 Years On
US anti-intellectualism through a glass darkly: the end of our national self-inquiry
War is a Failure of Imagination
Watching Political Conventions is Like Worshiping the Dead (on Splice Today)
Way Up High in the Manhattan Sky
What Happens to the Good Cops? (on Splice Today)
When the World’s Turned Upside Down (on Splice Today)
William Barr and the Subversion of Justice (on Splice Today)
Worshiping the Dead, Part 2
You Can Do Magic, Honey (on Splice Today)

A Clean Well-Lighted Place Not Requiring Fumigation
Bangkok Power and Light
Bangkok Prolegomenon: the First Six Months
Dispatch from Hakalau
England: First Thoughts
From Estonia with Love
Game of Thrones: East African Bathroom Edition, Season 1
Goodbye America
How to Celebrate Burundian Independence Day for Beginners
In Whitehall Garden
Last Day in Kigali…
Letter from Washington, Part 1
Letter from Washington, Part 2
Living in the Jungle
Rolling the Hard Six
The Blue Hills of Kigali
The Bullets

Writing Craft
Kill the Beta Reader
Mapping the Swamp
Nine Thoughts on Making Art
On writing when you feel uninspired and dead inside . . . 
One Job
The Rules of Attraction: a Lesson in the Use of Idiosyncratic Voice
The White Space and Transitions in Short Stories
What HP Lovecraft Can Teach Us About Programming the Reader
Writing Exercise: A Noir Opening Scene in Close Third
Writing the Hard Thing