I’ve been absent of late . . .

I think Warren Ellis puts it well in "How to Build a Blog Without Social Media": "[My website] has always been subject to pauses and hiatuses, chiefly because my job is writing and in busy periods there hasn’t always been enough writing left in me on a given day to sustain this site."  This is… Continue reading I’ve been absent of late . . .

The Way of All Things

Wherein I give myself a stern talking to . . .  "I'm lost. Life makes no sense. It's unfair." Because, deep down, you have beliefs.  You believe it should be different. The problem is not the world or your life. Those things are nature—formless, amoral, apolitical, adogmatic, unorthodox, unpredictable, beyond systems and formulas, always changing. … Continue reading The Way of All Things

When I was Tough, Part 18

I watched the first five seasons of Vampire Diaries over the course of a week.  Something like 120 hours of bad special effects, betrayal, and outstanding hair.  During this time, I neither shaved nor bathed.  My apartment acquired a certain foetor unique to hoarders, cat ladies, and the heavily medicated.  Stale soup.  Ritz crackers and… Continue reading When I was Tough, Part 18

Get ready for few changes around here.

I've been running The Writing Expedition for almost two decades in one form or another.  It began as a Blogger travel blog when I was living in Bujumbura, Burundi, and grew into kind of nexus for all my publications and writing projects.  This, my Pressfolios site, and my Substack newsletter have been really professionally useful, way… Continue reading Get ready for few changes around here.